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Yellow Gold Earrings

Pear Emerald And Diamond Earrings

Only 1 pair left!
Round Blue Topaz Prong Set Studs

Only 1 pair left!

Only 3 pairs left!
14K Yellow Gold 1x10mm Endless Hoops


14K Smallest Baby Hoops With Small CZ On The Bottom


14K Yellow Gold 1x12mm Endless Hoops


14K Gold Reversible 4mm Ball Screw Earrings


14K 3mm CZ Round Studs


14K Yellow Gold 1x14mm Endless Hoops


14K Yellow Gold 1x16mm Endless Hoops


14K 4mm CZ Round Studs


14K Gold 1.25x15mm Endless Hoop Earring


14K Gold 1X40mm Endless Hoop Earring


14K 5mm Half Ball Posts


14K Yellow Gold 1x21mm Endless Hoops


14K Gold 1.5x10mm Endless Hoop Earrings

Only 5 pairs left!
14K Yellow Gold 2x60mm Classic Hoops


14K Gold 1.25x24mm Endless Hoop Earring


14K Gold 1X33mm Endless Hoop Earring


14K Yellow Gold 1x25mm Endless Hoops


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